What to watch on TV and streaming today: Louis Theroux interviews Chelsea Manning, A Star is Born and Eddie Murphy in Candy Cane Lane

A Star is Born

Paul Whitington and Sheena McGinley

Planning a night on the couch? Here are the top picks for today’s TV and streaming options.

Scannal RTÉ One, 7pm A look at Ireland’s longest unsolved missing child case, that of Mary Boyle, who was just six years old when she disappeared while walking near her home in Cashelard, Co Donegal, on March 18, 1977. ​ Uefa Women’s Nations League RTÉ2, 5.30pm Marie Crowe and guests introduce live coverage of Northern Ireland’s tie with the Republic of Ireland at Windsor Park, with commentary from George Hamilton, and touchline reports from Tony O’Donoghue. Kick-off at 6pm. ​

Louis Theroux Interviews...

Louis Theroux Interviews... BBC2, 9.15pm Louis chats to Chelsea Manning, the ex US army intelligence analyst who decided to leak classified documents detailing human rights abuse and the torture of prisoners during the Iraq War. She also talks about her time in prison, its impact on her mental health, and her Oklahoma childhood.

​A Star is Born RTÉ2, 9pm Bradley Cooper directs and co-stars in this brilliant musical remake, playing Jackson Maine, a fading country rock superstar who is so impressed by a young singer he spots in a nightclub that he decides to take her under his wing. With Lady Gaga, Sam Elliott, Dave Chappelle.

Slow Horses AppleTV+, streaming now

​Gary Oldman’s Jackson Lamb — with his filthy mouth, questionable hygiene routine, and impressive range of flatulence — returns. His quest for season three? Why, to take his band of merry spy misfits (or what remains of them at this point, given last season’s quite upsetting character culling) out of the confines of Slough House to actually get some work done. With Jack Lowden’s River Cartwright still front and centre (which might account for him receiving the most headbutts this time around), he and Lamb have a more personal mission. They need to find Standish (Saskia Reeves), who has been abducted by a rogue troop from MI5. Lamb’s wildly secretive ‘secretary’ will be most embarrassed about the inconvenience she’ll feel she’s caused. Will Lamb’s herd of Slow Horses come to the rescue? Well, that certainly seems to be the recurring theme. Will we learn more about River’s granddad along the way? Here’s hoping.


Obliterated Netflix, streaming now Imagine kicking up your heels (and other body parts) post-special-op in Vegas. Then, just when you’re at a certain stage of bliss, you learn that the job isn’t over. Not by a long shot. Cue an intoxicated team negotiating their impairments in a quest to finish the job (in this case, deactivate a bomb). Expect American Pie meets Harold & Kumar Go to Whitecastle, but with added gore/fornication.

Sweet Home Netflix, streaming now Season two of this wildly popular K-horror (based on the comics by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan) sees the Green Home survivors and Hyun-su each fight to survive in new weird and unnerving places, while other beings and mysterious phenomena emerge. ​

Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane Prime Video, streaming now Even Eddie Murphy can’t stop this from being as saccharine as it sounds. He plays a man on a mission to win his neighbourhood’s annual home decoration contest. What he didn’t bargain for is an elf by the name of Pepper cursing him in the form of a walking/talking 12 days of Christmas. ​ ​ The Naughty Nine Disney+, streaming now Being pitched as “Ocean’s Eleven, but at the North Pole”, this heist movie follows a gaggle of entitled kids who, having found themselves on the naughty list, decide to raid Santa’s gaff to get the presents they feel they deserve. ​

Family Switch

Family Switch Netflix, streaming now ’Tis the season. More family-friendly festive fare in the form of Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms paying the bills. They star as parents to a rapidly-aging family who’d all rather be elsewhere; enter the classic bodyswap switcheroo trope! ​ The Edge of Everything Prime Video, streaming now Prime Video’s much-anticipated documentary charting the career of Ronnie O’Sullivan landed late last week ahead of its cinema release. Directed by Sam Blair (Maradona ’86) and produced by (the) David Beckham.