David Haye’s ex hits out at Una Healy for ‘trying to put a bad light’ on throuple

‘I totally understand people who need the attention of the media when they release a song or something’

David Haye with Una Healy and Sian Osbourne

Neasa Cumiskey

A personal trainer who replaced Una Healy in her ‘throuple’ relationship with David Haye and his girlfriend has taken a swipe at the Irish singer.

Mica Jova (28) met the boxer and his model partner Sian Osborne earlier this year while holidaying in Costa Rica just weeks after Una called it quits with the couple.

Tipperary native Una previously admitted that she was "embarrassed" by the relationship and said she felt tricked into joining the relationship.

Now, Jova has hit out at the mum-of-two for blasting Haye and Osborne publicly, suggesting that she may have done so for “attention”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: “David is one of the most gorgeous souls out there and Sian is a sweetheart. They are such good people so I really don't understand why Una Healy is trying to put a bad light on those two.

“They were two of the most gorgeous souls I have ever met and they are very cool people. I don't regret anything in my life.

“I had such a good time and I feel very grateful to have met them and to have them in my life.”

She accused Una, who released a scathing single about the romance called Walk Away over the summer, of using Haye to “push her career”.

“I totally understand people who need the attention of the media when they release a song or something.

David Haye, Sian Osborne, and Mica Jova. Photo: Instagram/@davidhaye

“But I don't want to push my career by making statements and using a famous person to promote it.

“David Haye's fans - mostly men - have come up to me at events to ask about what happened. But I didn't say anything, or admit anything, other than saying it was fun.

“I didn't say anything because I respect him and I respect Sian and, if they are not going to say anything, then neither am I.”

Jova has since stepped away from her throuple relationship with Haye and Osborne and has a new boyfriend.

While she insists that she has no regrets about their fling, she admitted that her conservative family back in Austria were initially shocked when they saw photos of the trio looking cosy in Costa Rica.

“They did warn me there might be a reaction to the photos. But I thought, ‘I am living in the moment and I don't care so much.’

“I will let people believe whatever they want to believe. I am an open-hearted person and I am a believer in good hearts.

“I let people live the life they want to live and I want to be left alone to live my life too. I give love and I receive love and I don't judge. But yes, my family was kind of shocked when they saw the photos.

“I have a conservative family and some of the things written about me were kind of shocking to them.

“I was just laughing when I heard the word throuple. I don't think my mum saw it – that or she didn't care.

“But my sister saw the photos and she confronted me. But once I explained what really happened, she was OK in the end. The lesson I have learned from the experience is that I have to be more careful.”

After reportedly meeting on the celebrity dating app Raya, Una and David became romantically involved for several months, even though David had also been dating model Sian since 2020.

The boxer boasted about the relationship with both Una and Sian in a series of online posts and celebrated with both of them on Valentine’s Day.

When the trio went on holiday to Costa Rica together, rumours started circulating that the relationship was actually between all three of them.

In March, Una called time on the romance and spoke out about the throuple claims for the first time.

Speaking on the My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast she said that she felt “hoodwinked” into joining the relationship.

She told Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally that David was the one pushing the "throuple" narrative.

She said: "He was very honest that I wasn't the only woman he was seeing, I was very aware he was seeing other people. I knew he was being honest and it's not like I was being cheated on.

"I knew he wasn't husband material, just a bit of fun and I was enjoying it."

Una gradually became aware that David was talking more and more to his ex-girlfriend Sian until he confessed that Sian was still "very involved" in his life.

"He doesn't label, he's never called her [Sian] his girlfriend, he's open, polyamorous. So I did meet her and she was a really nice girl but there was nothing going on there so it wasn't a throuple. I wasn't romantic with her, I don't really know her," Una explained.

She now insists she's single and is said to be "embarrassed" by all the throuple talk.