Go with the flow: As the extra-long movie is back in vogue, we ask how long is too long to hold in your wee?

Bladder control can be a significant challenge for people of all ages. Experts explain that when it comes to maintaining a healthy urination cycle, holding it in is fine on occasion, but it’s important to be consistent, listen to your body, and go when you need to go – even if it means missing a scene

Urinating as soon as possible when you need to is key to helping your brain and bladder to stay in sync. Picture: Getty

Niamh Jiménez

My father cannot venture into a movie theatre without remembering the noughties, a time when he took me to see countless, “interminable” Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies. He reminds me that, on one of these occasions, we were apparently standing for more time than we were sitting. This was thanks to a small girl who, positioned in the very centre of the aisle cradling an enormous blue slushie, spent most of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tripping over our feet on her frequent trips to and from the loos.

Today, some two decades later, the extra-long film appears to be undergoing a revival, with the release of Christopher Nolan’s three-hour-long Oppenheimer and Martin Scorsese’s upcoming three-hour, 26-minute Killers of the Flower Moon. For the committed cinephile, watching such longer movies comes with some non-negotiable pre-movie rituals, like emptying one’s bladder and steering clear of ominous blue drinks sold in extra-large cups.