The Big Tech Show: Taking on the US audio industry with CEO of Onesonic David Cawley

The Big Tech Show

What does it take to break into the American audio industry? What is the focus of Ireland’s only audio brand? And what goes into making quality headphones?

This week, Adrian talks to repeat guest David Cawley, an acoustic designer who created the audio brand Onesonic.

The Roscommon native started Onesonic in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. Since then, the company has rapidly expanded. It’s products are now in 70 stores with an extended product range.

The company is in discussions with prospective investors about raising funding for the company. It aims to launch in the US next year, as they are seeing a lot of demand for their products from there.

Dave talks about the Harman curve, which is the idealized frequency response that headphones should have in order to give a tonally balanced sound.

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