‘Embattled’ year for first female Taoiseach and an ‘assassination warning’ for Trump – Old Moore’s 2024 predictions

Old Moore’s Almanac predictions for 2024

Maeve McTaggart

An earthquake, an assassination warning and health problems for world leaders are all on the cards for 2024, according to the predictions of the celebrated Old Moore’s Almanac.

The resident psychic of the venerable publication had a good hit rate with last year’s predictions, including the foreseeing of a “submarine drama” in 2023.

It was perhaps a far-fetched idea until June, when the OceanGate submersible went missing on a voyage to the Titantic wreckage.

Among predictions for next year, Old Moore sees a busy year ahead for former US president Donald Trump as he battles multiple court cases and could contest another election. However, it also expects a “severe health warning” and an assassination threat in his future.

However, the upcoming US presidential ­election may be in for a shock twist if predictions ring true for Joe Biden, whom Old Moore expects will “succumb to serious health issues” next year.

It appears conservatism will be a trending ­topic in 2024, with a swing to conservative governments in Europe also predicted by Old Moore.

Closer to home, Ireland could have its first female Taoiseach but it will not be smooth sailing, as the psychic warns an “embattled” year is coming down the tracks for Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald.

The almanac turns 260 years old next year and the resident psychic anticipates the news in 2024 will feature the moon and “age reversal tech”. The headlines will perhaps be welcome respite from the predicted revelation that collapsing birth rates have led to babies becoming “rare”.

A major earthquake that “will stretch across borders” is also predicted to make for bad news next year.

Old Moore also believes we will hear the phrase “the end of roads” for the first time in 2024.

Next year will also apparently include the advent of “regenerative medicine” that means humans “can finally regrow limbs and organs” while other scientific breakthroughs put conscious artificial intelligence, “space mining”, electric planes and “drone taxis” on the cards.

AI-generated art will sell for “record ­prices” next year, Old Moore predicts, while “the fight to save cash” begins alongside the invention of a workaround for “Central Bank Digital Currencies”.

The almanac made a series of predictions for 2023 and as the year draws to a close, it appears that a number did in fact come to fruition.

Some “intriguing alien news” was expected for this year, which did seem to arrive in the form of a US congressional hearing on unidentified flying objects and the display of alleged “non-human” alien corpses in Mexico.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were expected to have “marriage and money problems” this year.

While rumours abound, the couple did part ways with Spotify in June after a reported $20m multi-year partnership had been struck in 2020.

It had predicted that Limerick would win the men’s senior hurling All-Ireland final and Kerry would take the Sam Maguire back to the Kingdom.

While Limerick did claim the title for the fourth time in a row this year, Kerry lost out to Dublin by two points in the All-Ireland football final.