‘We don’t talk to each other. We have our separate lives. What can you say?’ – How a bid to row from New York to Galway cost a friendship

When Fergus Farrell and Damian Browne took on the Atlantic, it was remarkable in itself. Then came the ‘Olympics of bad timing’

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Dónal Lynch

When Fergus Farrell and Damian Browne planned a record-breaking crossing of the Atlantic in the summer of last year they knew better than to underestimate the awesome power of the ocean. Every contingency was planned for: their bespoke, handmade, Sea Sabre classic boat would be monitored by satellite on its treacherous journey.

They had enough food and supplies for the 55 days they thought it would take. And they trained hard for the long, gruelling weeks of rowing that awaited them. And yet despite all this, and the fact that both lived to tell the tale, one precious thing was lost at sea: their friendship.